Good first contributions#

We welcome contributions to Flower! However, it is not always easy to know where to start. We therefore put together a few recommendations on where to start to increase your chances of getting your PR accepted into the Flower codebase.

Where to start#

Until the Flower core library matures it will be easier to get PR’s accepted if they only touch non-core areas of the codebase. Good candidates to get started are:

  • Documentation: What’s missing? What could be expressed more clearly?

  • Baselines: See below.

  • Examples: See below.

Request for Flower Baselines#

If you are not familiar with Flower Baselines, you should probably check-out our contributing guide for baselines.

You should then check out the open issues for baseline requests. If you find a baseline that you’d like to work on and that has no assignes, feel free to assign it to yourself and start working on it!

Otherwise, if you don’t find a baseline you’d like to work on, be sure to open a new issue with the baseline request template!

Request for examples#

We wish we had more time to write usage examples because we believe they help users to get started with building what they want to build. Here are a few ideas where we’d be happy to accept a PR:

  • Llama 2 fine-tuning, with Hugging Face Transformers and PyTorch

  • XGBoost

  • Android ONNX on-device training