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Daniel J. Beutel
Founder & CEO of Adap
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Today we are launching the Flower Blog! Flower has grown in popularity and there is so much going on that we decided to start this blog as a place to share project updates and stories from the community. We also don't want this to be a one-way street, there will be guest posts showcasing the amazing and inspiring work people create with Flower.

The Flower Blog

Federated Learning brings together people from a diverse set of backgrounds. Building FL systems requires expertise in machine learning, distributed systems, software engineering, and operations, to name just a few. The questions we get are equally varied, ranging from the latest in FL research to very practical topics such as how to use Flower on a cluster of Raspberry Pi devices.

The Flower Blog will therefore include different types of content, for example, release announcements, roadmap ideas, tutorials, research results, or how-to guides. Guest posts are highly welcome, we encourage researchers and engineers who have done work with Flower to reach out and share their experience.

As we move towards Flower 1.0 there will be also be announcements about the vision behind Flower and the additional fleet-scale use cases we want to enable in the future - stay tuned!

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