Flower Datasets#

Flower Datasets (flwr-datasets) is a library to quickly and easily create datasets for federated learning/analytics/evaluation. It is created by the Flower Labs team that also created Flower - a Friendly Federated Learning Framework.

Flower Datasets Framework#


python -m pip install "flwr-datasets[vision]"

Check out all the details on how to install Flower Datasets in Installation.


A learning-oriented series of tutorials is the best place to start.


How-to guides#

Problem-oriented how-to guides show step-by-step how to achieve a specific goal.


Information-oriented API reference and other reference material.


Flower Datasets main package.

Reference docs

Main features#

Flower Datasets library supports:

  • downloading datasets - choose the dataset from Hugging Face’s dataset (link)

  • partitioning datasets - choose one of the implemented partitioning scheme or create your own.

  • creating centralized datasets - leave parts of the dataset unpartitioned (e.g. for centralized evaluation)

  • visualization of the partitioned datasets - visualize the label distribution of the partitioned dataset (and compare the results on different parameters of the same partitioning schemes, different datasets, different partitioning schemes, or any mix of them)

Comparison of Partitioning Schemes on CIFAR10

Thanks to using Hugging Face’s datasets used under the hood, Flower Datasets integrates with the following popular formats/frameworks:

  • Hugging Face

  • PyTorch

  • TensorFlow

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Jax

  • Arrow

Here are a few of the Partitioner s that are available: (for a full list see link )

  • Partitioner (the abstract base class) Partitioner

  • IID partitioning IidPartitioner(num_partitions)

  • Dirichlet partitioning DirichletPartitioner(num_partitions, partition_by, alpha)

  • InnerDirichlet partitioning InnerDirichletPartitioner(partition_sizes, partition_by, alpha)

  • Natural ID partitioner NaturalIdPartitioner(partition_by)

  • Size partitioner (the abstract base class for the partitioners dictating the division based the number of samples) SizePartitioner

  • Linear partitioner LinearPartitioner(num_partitions)

  • Square partitioner SquarePartitioner(num_partitions)

  • Exponential partitioner ExponentialPartitioner(num_partitions)

  • more to come in the future releases (contributions are welcome).

How To Use the library#

Learn how to use the flwr-datasets library from the Quickstart examples .

Join the Flower Community#

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