Flower User Survey 2023

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Ruth Galindo
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Flower User Survey!

The Flower User Survey 2023 is finally here!

Take the survey now!

Since 2022, we've been talking with fantastic users from different fields to gather insights on their experiences with the Flower Framework in different projects and environments. The feedback has been incredibly valuable, helping us pinpoint the wider community's needs and real-deal features.

Now, as we approach 2024 🎉, we are committed to deepening our understanding of the usage patterns related to the Flower Framework to enhance its user-friendliness and adaptability.

That’s why we are happy to finally announce the Flower User Survey 2023, which is open for the next three weeks. Your feedback is important to us, regardless of whether you are new to the Flower community, a seasoned expert, or an expert in the field of Federated Learning - we value your input. The Flower User Survey is your chance to shape how Flower is evolving.

This survey aims to capture different aspects: your general perspective on Flower, documentation, tutorials, environments, and areas you believe should be expanded or refined. We are also focusing on Federated Learning specifics, including data types you use, settings, and more. In the final section of this survey, you will find questions about the technologies you are familiar with, alongside your educational background and skill set. 💪

No worries, we're not after your secrets! 🤫 This survey is anonymous, so feel comfortable to share your honest opinions. Your name or any personal information won’t be required.

You can finish the survey in just 7 minutes. Perfect for when you’re sipping on your coffee or kicking back for a break!

After the survey period concludes, we’ll aggregate the results and share the key findings with you. Keep your eyes on our channels for the updates. 😉

Thank you for contributing to the friendly Flower community and the broader field of Federated Learning. Your participation is key to shaping our direction for the upcoming year.

Take the survey now: Flower User Survey 2023