March 14-15 / London

In person & virtual

Flower AI
Summit 2024

The world's largest Federated Learning conference

Join us and participate in the federated future of AI -- decentralized, privacy-preserving and able to safely use all of the world's data. Register now for this free event.

Flower AI Summit 2024
Conference room
Flower After-hour reception
Photo of Flower Summit 2023

AI Research Day

Session 01

On March 14, we will have talks from world-leading experts about the present and future of AI for distributed data. The session will also include technical posters and demo sessions, as well as an opportunity to network with others active in the field.

Photo of Flower Summit 2023

Flower After-Hours Reception

Session 02

Directly following the day session, we invite you to join us at a nearby bar to better connect with attendees from around the globe. A brief technical session will run alongside complimentary food and drinks. 🥙🍺

Photo of Flower Summit 2023

AI Industry Day

Session 03

On March 15, discover how organizations are deploying federated learning in production. The day will feature talks, poster presentations and live demos focused on new applications, tooling, experiences and emerging best practices in the domain.

AI Research Day

March 14

  • Flower Ecosystem Roadmap for 2024
  • Advances in Decentralized Learning
  • Training LLMs using Sensitive Data
  • Accelerating Basic Science with FL
  • Scalable FLOps Tools
  • Large-scale Research Deployments using FL
  • Dozens of FL Research Results built on Flower
  • Virginia Smith

    Virginia Smith

    Assistant Professor

    The Future of Federated Learning

  • Minhaj Alam

    Minhaj Alam

    Assistant Professor

    FL Diagnosis of Macular Degeneration

  • Hui Guan

    Hui Guan

    Assistant Professor

    Personalization and Concept Drift in FL

  • Bing Luo

    Bing Luo

    Assistant Professor

    FedCampus: A Privacy-preserving Smart Campus

  • KangYoon Lee

    KangYoon Lee


    Simplifying FedOps

  • David Emerson

    David Emerson

    Applied Machine Learning Scientist

    FL4Health: Private and Personal Clinical Modelling

  • Andrew Soltan

    Andrew Soltan

    Fellow in Clinical Artificial Intelligence

    Scalable and low-cost Federated Learning in the NHS: Flower and micro-computing

  • Judith Sáinz-Pardo

    Judith Sáinz-Pardo

    Data Science Researcher

    Federated AI in the European Open Science Cloud

  • Borja Balle

    Borja Balle

    Researcher in Machine Learning and Differential Privacy

    Towards practical differentially private training

Additional talk announcements coming soon

Poster and Demo Presentations

AI Research Day

PhD Student
Sapienza University of RomeFedArtML recharged with feature + quantity skew partition and non-IID quantification methods
Full Professor
Assistant Professor
University of MessinaFedROS: The ROS Framework for Federated Learning on Mobile Edge Devices
Visiting Stats and ML Researcher
Università della Svizzera ItalianaHierarchical Bayes Approaches for Federated Learning
Additional Poster and Demo announcements coming soon

Flower After-Hours at Big Chill King's Cross

March 14

🕠 5:30 PM

📍 3 minutes from King's House

Flower After-Hour Reception

AI Industry Day

March 15

  • Industry Use-cases built on Flower by: Amazon, Zenseact, US Airforce
  • FL Standards and Interoperability: The Flower, Intel and OpenFL partnership
  • NHS Experimental Deployment of Flower for 130,000 Patients
  • Survey of Early Commercial Adopters of Privacy-enhancing ML
  • New Federated Dataset and Benchmark for Self-driving Cars
  • Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Federated Approaches
  • Practical Homomorphic Encryption for FL by combining Flower and Zama
  • Tim Hospedales

    Head of Samsung AI

    Overlooked desiderata for real-world FL

  • Sherry Ding

    Senior AI/ ML Solutions Architect

    Flower on Amazon SageMaker

  • Nathan Gaw

    Assistant Professor of Data Science

    US Military Applications using Federated Learning

  • Charles Kerrigan, Tom Marshall & Bill Marino


    FL under AI Regulation

  • Roman Bredehoft

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Private Inference with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and FL

  • Mina Alibeigi

    AI Researcher

    Federated AI for vehicles

  • Calum Inverarity

    Senior Researcher

    The PETs Landscape

  • Valerio Maggio

    Data Scientist Advocate

    Portable and reproducible deep learning environments with Flower and Conda

Additional talk announcements coming soon

Poster and Demo Presentations

AI Industry Day

PhD Student
Sapienza University of RomeApplication of federated learning techniques for arrhythmia classification using 12-lead ECG signals
Full Professor
Assistant Professor
University of MessinaHomomorphic Encryption for Federated Learning: A Comparison Study on Flower
Additional Poster and Demo announcements coming soon

Attendance Information

How to attend Flower AI Summit 2024 in-person


📍 King's House, London


14 March 2024 (AI Research day)

15 March 2024 (AI Industry day)

Travel Recommendation:

  • 🚶 ~ 5 minutes walk away from King's Cross train station in central London
  • ✈️ Plane + 🚗 Car/Bus/Train
    from London City Airport ~ 45 minutes drive
    from LHR ~ 1 hour drive