March 14-15 / London

In person & virtual

Flower AI
Summit 2024

The world's largest Federated Learning conference

A big thank you to all who joined us, both online and in person, and a heartfelt appreciation to our wonderful speakers for being part of the Flower AI Summit 2024. If you missed any of the sessions, there is no need to worry! You will be able to access the talks shortly. In the meantime make sure to join our Slack Community!

Flower AI Summit 2024
Conference room
Flower After-hour reception

Day 1: AI Research day

Flower Research Update, Daniel J. Beutel
Scalable and low-cost FL in the NHS: Flower and micro-computing, Andrew Soltan
Personalization and Concept Drift in FL, by Hui Guan
Flower Community Initiatives: From LLMs to SoR, by Javier Fernandes-Marques and Yan Gao
Towards practical differentially private training, Borja Balle
Enhancing Federated Learning with FedOps for the FL Marketplace, KangYoon Lee
Flower Datasets, by Adam Narozniak
On Privacy and Personalization in Federated Learning, by Virginia Smith
FedCampus: A Privacy-preserving Smart Campus, by Bing Luo and Steven He
Federated AI in the European Open Science Cloud, by Judith Sáinz-Pardo
Introducing FlowerLLM, by Nicholas Lane
Flower AI Summit 2024 Poster Presentations 1

Day 2: AI Industry day

Flower Industry Update, by Daniel J. Beutel
The PETs Landscape, by Calum Inverarity
US Military Applications using Federated Learning, by Nathan Gaw
Flower support for Differential Privacy and Secure Aggregation, by Pan Heng and Mohammad Naseri
Overlooked desiderata for real-world FL, by Timothy Hospedales
Flower on Amazon SageMaker, by Sherry Ding
This talk was part of the Flower AI Summit 2024, by Roman Bredehoft
FL under AI Regulation, by Charles Kerrigan and Bill Marino
Flower Pilot Program: Batch Two, by Nicholas Lane
FL4Health: Private and Personal Clinical Modelling, by David Emerson
Portable and reproducible deep learning environments with Flower and Conda, by Valerio Maggio
Federated AI for vehicles, by Mina Alibeigi
Flower AI Summit 2024 Poster Presentations 2