Flower Pilot Program
Batch Two

Are you using federated learning to push AI forward? Join the Flower Pilot Program, work with us to accelerate your project, and develop improvements for the entire Flower community.

to shape the future of AI

Let’s make Flower better

The future of AI is federated, and we can shape it, together!

What’s next for Flower?

Get early insights

Start to use upcoming Flower features before they’re ready for prime time.

Can Flower do X?

Shape the roadmap

Help to improve Flower through your ideas and feedback.

How can I move faster?

Work with maintainers

Accelerate your project through personal support from core Flower framework maintainers.

_How does it work?

In a nutshell: it’s a highly personalised program to fit the needs of each individual project.

Rocket flying around the moon

Apply: You apply by filling out a short form and telling us a little bit about what you are planning to do. Pro tip: well-written applications have a higher chance of getting team members excited. Individual applications are welcome, but organizational applications are preferred.

Interview: If one of the available team members is excited about your application, we schedule an interview to get to know you. Admissions to the program happen on a rolling basis, and you will get a decision within a few days after your interview.

Execute: In the program, we will meet periodically. Depending on the type of pilot, meetings will focus on different objectives; such as, the progress of your own proof-of-concept federated system or perhaps a new feature in Flower being incubated. There is no pre-determined schedule, we will work together in a way that works best for all of us.

Launch: After the program ends, we announce the outcome of the program in the way that best suits the particular case. This could be a join press release, a scientific publication, or a technical article about the new capabilities that we developed together.

_Ready to get started?

It’s easy, a short form is all it takes to apply.

to shape the future of AI