Contains the strategy abstraction and different implementations.


Bulyan(*, fraction_fit, fraction_evaluate, ...)

Bulyan strategy.

DPFedAvgAdaptive(strategy, num_sampled_clients)

Wrapper for configuring a Strategy for DP with Adaptive Clipping.

DPFedAvgFixed(strategy, num_sampled_clients, ...)

Wrapper for configuring a Strategy for DP with Fixed Clipping.


Strategy wrapper for central DP with client-side adaptive clipping.


Strategy wrapper for central DP with server-side adaptive clipping.


Strategy wrapper for central DP with client-side fixed clipping.


Strategy wrapper for central DP with server-side fixed clipping.

FedAdagrad(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

FedAdagrad strategy - Adaptive Federated Optimization using Adagrad.

FedAdam(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

FedAdam - Adaptive Federated Optimization using Adam.

FedAvg(*[, fraction_fit, fraction_evaluate, ...])

Federated Averaging strategy.

FedAvgAndroid(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Federated Averaging strategy.

FedAvgM(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Federated Averaging with Momentum strategy.

FedMedian(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Configurable FedMedian strategy implementation.

FedOpt(*[, fraction_fit, fraction_evaluate, ...])

Federated Optim strategy.

FedProx(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Federated Optimization strategy.

FedTrimmedAvg(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Federated Averaging with Trimmed Mean [Dong Yin, et al., 2021].


Configurable FedXgbBagging strategy implementation.


Configurable FedXgbCyclic strategy implementation.

FedXgbNnAvg(*args, **kwargs)

Configurable FedXgbNnAvg strategy implementation.

FedYogi(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

FedYogi [Reddi et al., 2020] strategy.

FaultTolerantFedAvg(*[, fraction_fit, ...])

Configurable fault-tolerant FedAvg strategy implementation.

Krum(*[, fraction_fit, fraction_evaluate, ...])

Krum [Blanchard et al., 2017] strategy.

QFedAvg(*[, q_param, qffl_learning_rate, ...])

Configurable QFedAvg strategy implementation.


Abstract base class for server strategy implementations.