Flower Example on Adult Census Income Tabular Dataset#

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This code exemplifies a federated learning setup using the Flower framework on the “Adult Census Income” tabular dataset. The “Adult Census Income” dataset contains demographic information such as age, education, occupation, etc., with the target attribute being income level (<=50K or >50K). The dataset is partitioned into subsets, simulating a federated environment with 5 clients, each holding a distinct portion of the data. Categorical variables are one-hot encoded, and the data is split into training and testing sets. Federated learning is conducted using the FedAvg strategy for 5 rounds.

This example uses Flower Datasets to download, partition and preprocess the dataset.

Environments Setup#

Start by cloning the example. We prepared a single-line command that you can copy into your shell which will checkout the example for you:

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/adap/flower.git && mv flower/examples/fl-tabular . && rm -rf flower && cd fl-tabular

This will create a new directory called fl-tabular containing the following files:

-- pyproject.toml
-- client.py
-- server.py
-- task.py
-- README.md

Installing dependencies#

Project dependencies are defined in pyproject.toml. Install them with:

pip install .

Running Code#

Federated Using Flower Simulation#

flower-simulation --server-app server:app --client-app client:app --num-supernodes 5